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Hands On Excavating LLC was started by Jacob, David, Brett and Brian Handsaker. We all grew up on the family farm where the value of hard work, dedication, and team work was always taught. We have diverse educational backgrounds that give us a broad knowledge base to draw from to meet your needs: Jacob and Brian went to Iowa State University to study Agriculture and Turf Grass Management, respectively. David went to the University of North Dakota where he obtained his Aviation Management Degree and Brett attended North West Iowa Community College and majored in the electrician's trade.

After college and working in our areas of study, we were all drawn back to the farming lifestyle. However, the operation needed to expand in order to be able to support our growing families. Tile repair and smaller dirt work projects had always been a part of the farm and the opportunity was there to expand this into a commercial enterprise, which is how Hands On Excavating got its start.

We had some basic construction equipment that was used on the farm so we started using that equipment to focus on doing commercially what we had been doing privately for so many years. Calls soon started to come in for bigger jobs that would require new skill sets and experience that we didn't have. We contacted longtime family friend Bob Lepper, who has roots in Hubbard and owned and operated Bob Lepper Excavating for over 30 years before family commitments called him away. Bob was asked to pass along some of his expertise to help us get a start. Bob started passing along his knowledge and we started to cut our teeth on projects. Hands On Excavating was born.

Thank you for your interest in Hands On Excavating. Please take some time to explore the rest of our website and learn more about what our growing company can offer you.

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