We install field tile using cutting edge GPS technology to control the machine and grade of installation, giving you a slope that is precise and adaptive to the terrain. We currently operate a Wolfe 600 self-propelled plow which is capable of installing tile up to 18″ dual wall. This allows us to get any job done in a timely and cost effective manner. At the completion of each tile job you will receive a color GPS map of the completed project. A digital shape file of the project is also available upon request.

Tile Repair

Tile repair is an integral part of our tile installation service. We take pride in our commitment to our customers to be timely with tile repair. After all, when the planters are rolling, it’s less about getting new tile in and more about making sure that what is there is working. We also have the ability to locate old tile and map it out, enabling us to create maps of your already installed tile. If you need help proving existing drainage in wetlands, or finding where that elusive tile runs through your waterways, we can help.